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Resident Services and Information


Rent cannot be taken after 3:30 p.m. daily.

Change to Flat Rent:

As mandated by HUD, flat rent amounts will change starting after October 31st, 2014. To find out if this change affects you and when, please read our Flat Rent Flyer.

If you are currently paying flat rent, please read this Flat Rent Phase-In Worksheet to determine the amount of your increase each year.

Resident Activities:

Check our monthly newsletter for upcoming events and activities. Contact our office for information about scheduling events.

Discount and Free Transportation Program:

The Murray Calloway County Transit Authority (MCTA) offers low fare and free bus routes, door to door transportation services, and discounts to seniors, veterans, and disabled individuals. Click here to find out more.

Resident Handbook:

All residents should have a current copy of our handbook. It was revised in October of 2014. This handbook may also be useful to those of you considering applying for housing. It details the Housing Authority's responsibilities and those of the residents.

Resident Handbook (updated October 2014)

Banned List:

The following list names all individuals who are not permitted on any property belonging to or managed by the Housing Authority of Murray. Call the main office if you have any questions (270.753.5000):

Banned Individuals (updated January 2018)

Schedule of Inspections:

The following document lists the schedule of semi-annual inspections of all units conducted by the Housing Authority of Murray. It also explains the types of inspections that occur such as:

Move-In, Pre-Move-Out, Move-out, Annual, Housekeeping, Preventative Maintenance, Special, and Emergency.

Schedule of Inspections (updated January 2018)

Schedule of Maintenance Activities:

2017 Quarterly Pest Control and Filter Changes are conducted in:

The following is the pest control schedule for February 2018: 

February 26th :  Nash, 9th, Broad, and Lafollette
February 27th :
  Cherry St., Ash St., Spruce St., Pine St., L.P. Miller St., N. 1st St., Chestnut St. and  Ellis Dr.
February 28th :
  Riley Court, Hurt Dr. and Fairlane Dr.

Schedule of Maintenance Fees:

All residents should download our newly revised Schedule of Maintenance Fees, also. It was completed in September of 2013. Please read the description on the first page of this schedule carefully to understand when these fees apply. Work orders can be submitted online through the Maintenance menu option located at the left.

Schedule of Maintenance Fees (updated July 2015)

Willis Center Head Start Program:

The Willis Early Child Development Center is located at 226 L.P. Miller Drive. Residents of the Housing Authority have priority when enrolling their children at this facility.

Learn more about the Head Start Program at www.headstart.murray.kyschools.us

Ellis CenterCommunity Center:

The Ellis Center is located at 630 Ellis Drive and is available for resident activities and parties. Please contact the main office to rent this center.
We have a slide show of the Ellis Center. To view pictures, click here.