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Computer Learning Center
Courses Offered

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Computer Basics
Basic PC Hardware: single two-hour session

Learn a little hardware history. Study all the components of a personal computer and how they interact. Learn common terminology; from bits to gigabytes, CMOS to CPU, ROM to RAM, and Megahertz to RPM. Then, learn how to compare computers for sale on the internet.
File and Folder Management: single two-hour session

Learn how to create, copy, move, rename, and delete files and folders. Learn about drive letters and device types. Learn how to use libraries in Windows 7. Use Search to find files.
Windows 7 Operating System: single two-hour session

This course covers the Start Menu, viewing options such as Aero Peek (Taskbar Preview), Aero Snap, Aero Flip, Aero Flip 3d, and pinning programs to the taskbar for easy access, Jump Lists, Action Center and Notifications, how files are stored in libraries, Gadgets, Themes for your display, and the control panel.
PhotoScape: single two-hour session

Basic photo and graphics editing using free, downloadable software. Crop, change saturation, brightness, contrast, colors, resize, combine, convert, create animated gifs, screen capture, and many other features.
Internet Usage: single two-hour session

Internet terminology, LAN vs. WAN, how web browsers work, search bar vs. address bar, links, navigation, bookmarks & favorites, tabbed browsing, virus protection, copy and paste, downloading, plug-ins, and tips for more effective searching.
Microsoft Office 2013
MS Excel: 3 three-hour sessions (Level I and Level II)

Enter, edit, and format cells. Add, modify, and delete columns and rows. Copy and paste data. Enter formulas using various methods. Formatting tools to add color, borders, charts, headers, footers, and graphics. Advanced course material available covers working with multiple worksheets at one time and performing "what-if" analysis.
MS PowerPoint: 3 two-hour sessions

Create and run slideshows using templates, master slides, pictures, graphics, transitions, animations, sound, and presenter notes. Slideshows are not just for business. They are great for birthdays, weddings, vacation memories, or any special event.
MS Word: 3 three-hour sessions (Level I and Level II)

Learn to edit and modify text, use styles and themes, adjust margins, control page breaks, insert and modify graphic elements, and control paragraph formatting. Advanced course material available covers how to insert and modify tables, create a table of contents, create a bibliography, and create an index.
Assisted Self-Study
Mouse and keyboard skills:

Learn through online programs to effectively use the mouse and keyboard during open lab hours. Instructor assistance is available.
Word Templates:

Make newsletters, business cards, flyers, coupons, resumes, letters of all types, calendars, reports, schedules, address labels, cards, address books, bookmarks, and more.(Basic knowledge of Word helpful)
Resume Writing:

Materials on effective resume and cover letter writing are available during open lab hours. Many resume templates to choose from. Instructor assistance is available.